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Is FilamentPro worth the money?​
Why buy ready-made filament spools at a premium, when you can save money by making your own? Why pay extra for shipping and handling costs and waste time waiting for deliveries? FilamentPro helps you eliminate hassle, save valuable time, and slash material costs. Why leave money on the table? Invest in equipment that allows you to streamline and optimize your process—your budget will thank you for it!
Will my filament have the same quality as a store-bought product?
Yes. We understand that reliability is everything in 3D printing. This is why we place great value on rigorous testing and material research. Our team of experts is working hard to make sure FilamentPro provides you with high quality filament you can depend on.
Is FilamentPro difficult to operate?
Nope. We don’t want you to waste your time reading a boring user manual and figuring out complicated settings. This is why we designed FilamentPro to be intuitive and easy to operate. By automating parts of the process, we make sure operation is as simple as possible, while still giving you full creative control.
Does it take a long time to produce a spool of filament?
One word: efficiency. FilamentPro produces high quality feedstock at professional speeds to support your workflow. Automated and streamlined processes reduce interaction to save even more time. Why wait for shipping time? Cut out the middleman and create filament from the comfort of your own workspace. Go ahead, you can grab that coffee now—we got this.
How sustainable is FilamentPro?
Sustainability is one of the key motivators behind Shifting Shap3s. It’s what drives us to constantly push the envelope and envision products that help us take steps towards a circular economy. This is why we designed FilamentPro to produce high-grade recycled filament. Naturally, it also takes virgin raw material so you can go hybrid or fully recycled; it’s up to you.
I love it! How soon can I get one?

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so. We aim to take pre-orders starting Fall 2023. Sign up below to get exclusive updates on our development and be the first to know. Welcome to the Shifting Shap3s family!


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