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Shifting Shap3s Receives Sustainable Business of the Year Award

In a resounding celebration of dedication to sustainability, Shifting Shap3s has been announced as the proud winner of the Sustainable Business of the Year Award at the esteemed ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) Immigration Entrepreneurship Awards, held on October 17, 2023. This prestigious recognition comes with generous sponsorship from Divert NS.

Reflecting on the challenging yet rewarding journey, founder Ghazaleh Afrahi shared, “The journey to this award was not without its challenges, but as a team, we embraced them. It’s a reminder that overcoming obstacles is a crucial part of any meaningful success.” This acknowledgment underscores Shifting Shap3s’ resilience and commitment to making a lasting impact in the realm of sustainability.

“We are deeply honored and grateful to receive the Sustainable Business of the Year Award. This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our entire team and the community that supports us,” expressed Ghazaleh Afrahi, emphasizing the collaborative effort that has made this achievement possible.

The Sustainable Business of the Year Award, proudly sponsored and received from Divert NS, holds special significance for Shifting Shap3s. Divert NS’s commitment to environmental stewardship aligns seamlessly with Shifting Shap3s’ mission, making the partnership a powerful catalyst for positive change.

At Shifting Shap3s, sustainability is not just a business strategy but a core value embedded in every aspect of their operations. The company’s commitment to reducing waste and fostering a sustainable economy has resonated with both the judging panel and the community, affirming their role as leaders in the field.

This announcement solidifies Shifting Shap3s’ position as a trailblazer in sustainable business practices. The company looks forward to leveraging this prestigious award and sponsorship to inspire others, lead the way towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future, and continue the journey of positive impact.

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